Comedian Chris D’Elia Accused Of Sexual Harassment By 2 More Women As He Recently Exposed Himself To Them

Chris D’Elia: After Megan Drust, the encounter actress, two other female celebrities who have decided to stay anonymous for their personal reasons informed the media that the comedian exposed himself to them without their consent.


Chris D’Elia Reaction On The Accusation 

The encounter actress has not been able to talk about the horrifying incident that happened between her and the comedian in 2011. It has been almost ten years since the incident ‘happened. Drust believed that D’Elia was a man who was not threatening and considered him as safe, still feels uncomfortable recalling what he did to her.


Chris D’Elia who is known for his performance on Netflix specials has denied all these accusations against him. The comedian also said that he has never done anything of such nature.

The other two women who shared their encounters with the comedian told that it happened on days he was getting ready to perform his stand-up comedy set.

Chris D'Elia

One of the two women was at the position of the manager in Cleveland, Ohio in Kimpton Schofield Hotel. The woman claims that as she went upstairs to Chris’ room to try and offer assistance with his broken air-conditioner as he was staying in the hotel, he opened the door naked. And as she did not know how to react to this situation it made her uneasy and she just turned and went away to call her to be a husband to inform him of this.

Sexual harassment allegations 

The comedian has been accused of many other misconducts of sexual nature also. Some of which included attempting to obtain naked photographs from underaged girls. Chris D’Elia has denied these allegations as well. He also told the media that people are making false statements against him and tweeting fake comments. Further, the comedian also told that he has only been consensual relations which were legal.

His show on Netflix has been canceled due to these allegations.


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