Comedy Series “Ted Lasso” Gets A Third Season On Apple TV +

Ted Lasso Apple TV+

Reportedly, the record breaking comedy series of UK and US Ted Lasso a soccer satire got renewed for third season on Apple TV+.


All you need to know about the third season of comedy,Ted Lasso!

The series is about the hopeless US coach plunging into the premier league and it has been super hit for Apple TV+.It is an trans Atlantic soccer comedy and it has broken all the records worldwide.


Ted Lasso stars the comedian of Saturday Night Live Jason Studeikis as the lead character portraying the coach of soccer, who is propelled from college level football in America to coach a Premier league team in United Kingdom, AFC Richmond. The plot revolves around the hopeless Ted knowing nothing about football.

Boston Globe critic Matthew Gilbert stated about the first season : It is sweet and cheerful comedy and the character of TedLasso who is a dumb coach turns out to be the most optimistic and charming guy for the audience.

Ted Lasso

As per the reports, the production on the second season of TedLasso series would start in London in January,2021 and Apple TV+ officially announced the third season as the series received immense success globally.

Ted Lasso is developed by Jason Sudeikis. Bill Lawrence the show runner of Ted Lasso also drew 25% new viewers to Apple TV+. The show has also ranked in the top comedy list in 50 countries, which includes Uk, US, Germany, France and Japan.

Bill Lawrence also stated that in the new season of Ted Lasso, we’ll script down about the COVID-19 pandemic scenario so that the viewers can forget it. However, as of now the release date of Season 2 is not yet confirmed by Apple TV+.


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