Conor McGregor arrested for alleged attempted sexual assault in Corsica which he denies

Conor McGregor arrested

Conor McGregor is AN Irish retired professor. With mixed martial art skills and boxing too. He is a former Cage warrior and lightweight champion. He has been in many controversies in the past like driving offense, a bus attack at UFC, an incident at UFC 229, robbery arrest, and a Dublin pub assault.


After being tested for drugs by USADA on vacation, the martial arts superstar was detained for attempting a sexual assault. It happened on 10th September 2020. And it was revealed according to a statement by an officer from Corsica to the Agence France- Presse. But one of the representatives claimed that McGregor was released after an interview.


What did the prosecutor say?

“SO Following a complaint, which was filed on September 10 denouncing acts that could be described as attempted sexual assault and sexual exhibition, Conor Gregor was the subject of a hearing,” the prosecutor office wrote.

One of Gregor’s representatives denied all of this and said Mcgregor is innocent. Even Gregor has also denied all these accusations. He has been interviewed and after that released,” said the statement as provided to TMZ.

Conor McGregor

On 11th September the USADA had arrived to Gregor’s boat while on vacation for drug testing.

Here is what Conor McGregor said

He tweeted all about the drug testing. He said what’s going on here UFC? USADA has just arrived for drug testing on my yacht? I have been retired

But okay go on I will allow them to test, Its all-natural always and forever.

In August 2019, McGregor was charged with assault after punching an elderly man in a Dublin, Ireland, pub after the man refused a shot of alcohol from McGregor. In November, he pleaded guilty to the charges and was ordered to pay a fine. Also in November, the New York Times reported McGregor was being under investigation after multiple allegations of sexual assault.


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