Control Z Season 2: Release Date is here!

Control Z

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most anticipated shows of this year, Control Z. It seems that the next season is on the tracks. For Control Z, it has been a year since the first season came out and we all enjoyed it. But, people since that first season have been asking when is the next season is going to drop. Well, it seems that we have found the answer after all.


Now, before we get to the whole discussion. We want to give you the release date in the first few lines. Netflix has announced that the second season of the show will be coming out on August 4th.


Control Z: The Plot

Let us also talk about the plot of this one of a kind show. A lot of people have not watched the show as of now. So, this will act as the perfect starter for all of you who want to get an insight into the idea of the show before delving into it.

Firstly, we feel that everyone has some secrets in their lives. The plot of the show deals with a simple idea: what would happen if each of those secrets are put to the world? Well, this is the reality that this show continues to explore. There is a hacker in this world who has managed to reveal all of the secrets of the people to world. Hence, everyone gets to find out what everyone has been up to. This leads to a lot of chaos.

Therefore, people get find out that one guy has been cheating on his partner. A homophobic bully is actually a closeted homosexual. The secrets about murders are also coming out. So, it deals with a lot of themes such as secrecy, privacy, love, parenting but most importantly, internet security.

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