Control Z Season 3: All about the new season

Control Z Season 3

This is one of the best shows that you will come across in the recent times. We are talking about Control Z Season 3. This is a show available on Netflix. It has been announced that the show may get renewed for the third season. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about this new season.


As we know we live in a world where all of our information is available on our devices. And if someone is able to hack into them, it would give access to all of our private information. The show tends to focus itself on this reality. But, it takes a dystopian turn to it. It tends to show us how when someone is able to hack into our personal lives, it has the potential to uproot it.


So, in this show, the students of a high school are pressured by the hacker to give up their information. Finally, one of the student manages to confront the hacker and also tries to find out who is behind these attacks.

Control Z Season 3: When is it coming out?

So, firstly, we should tell you that the show made its debut on Netflix in the year 2020. Since its inception, it has made waves in the industry. The show got so popular that the platform had to bring it back. And the second season had also performed on the expectations of the fans. Therefore, there is a huge chance the next season, which is the third season of the show might be coming out.

So, what about the next season of the show? Well, we have to say that if the show gets the nod early then the production of the new season will also begin. So, it might hit the platform around the August or September of 2022.