Coronation Street: June 22 marks a fresh start for Shona

Coronation Street ’s Shona makes a fresh start.


Coronation Street is a soap opera drama. The creator of the show is Tony Waren. The show aired on December 19, 1960, on ITV. There are around 10,077 episodes in the show.


The Story revolves around the residents of Weatherfield’s street in Manchester dealing with their daily lives troubles caused by their personal and professional lives.

In last episodes we saw that Shona slept into coma after being shot and loses her memory. Coronation Street In order to have a fresh start Shona decides to move in with her ex-boss, Roy at his place- above the cafe. David supports her decision.

Aaron, her care worker also accompanies her and help to move from the rehab facility to Weatherfield.


While Roy and Shona were discussing the matter, David enters to deliver some magazines and tries to bond with Shona but he feels disappointed about Shona not noticing what he had to say and he leaves.

When David was upon the cafe’s exit we realise that he has left his phone and went back to Roy’s flat to collect it.

Coronation Street – While Shona and Aaron discussing about her recovery, Shona leans forward on Aaron to kiss him but he pulls himself back and gets shocked with her move.

After witnessing the whole scene David felt hurt.

Fans are waiting for their favourite couple to get back on good terms and Shona’s memory to come back.Definately, an interesting twist is coming our way. Let’s see what will happen next . Shona and David will get together or not? Till then stay tuned for updates and spoilers.


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