Creation Stories: Release Date and everything you need to know about the biopic

Creation Stories: The biopic for the sixty year old Scottish businessman, Alan Mcgee is ready to premiere. It is adapted from the autobiography of the music industry executive. Pictures of the same were also officially released by the creators.


The autobiography is titled creation stories-riots, raves and running a label. It was the bestselling books. It was published seven years ago, that is in 2013. How he shaped the British culture in thirty years is described in the biography. Its not only a self help business book, its also an inspiration.



The date of release has not been announced yet. The businessman, Alan is saying that the producers should just stream it online instead of releasing it on theatres. He wants to watch the movie as soon as possible. Alan said that they can stream it on Netflix or on Amazon.

Creation Stories

This suggestion we see is not that bad, because very less people are actually willing to go to the theatres. Specially during the time of lockdown and coronavirus pandemic. Digital platforms have become a better choice.


The film has been written by sixty two year old Scottish novelist, Irvine Welsh. The writer is mainly known for writing comedies, so we can be sure that the biopic will be very funny. The businessman who is mainly known for handling music bands, is very eager to watch it. Although he saw the preview, he was very impressed with it.

It is being co produced by Danny Boyle who is a sixty three year old English director. He has not only worked for films and movies, but also on television series. It will be directed by the fifty year old filmmaker, Nick Moran.

Nick Moran is also an English actor. You can watch the released images of the film on twitter, or on Facebook official page.


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