Cruel Summer Episode 6: Release Date and More information

Cruel Summer Episode 6 is going to be a doozy. The act of a mother being suspicious towards her own daughter is going to be the theme. This takes place when she observes what Jeanette has been upto. As we have seen, the story of Jeanette of Kate is getting built up in the show.


We saw events from the county fair in the previous episodes on the show. Kate also confronts Jamie about him kissing Jeanette. There was also a scene where we see Jeanette avoiding Gideon because some people made fun of him.


Cruel Summer Episode 5: Recap

We can focus on the events of the 1993 fair. In this episode, we see Kate watching her mother with Scott and suspects her of cheating. We can also see Jeanette going on a date with Gideon but when a couple of girls make fun of him, she ends up abandoning.

As she left, Gideon still tries to reconcile. He waits for her but when she sees Mr. Harris offering her a ride, he drives away. We can also see Kate playing the same game and performing well. Kate ends up apologising to Mr. Harris. Mr. Harris then ousts Jeanette for the events, which took place with Gideon.

Cruel Summer Episode 6: Release Date and Info

Cruel Summer Episode 6 will be airing on 18th May on Freeform at 10/9c. The fans should also expect a new episode of Cruel Summer every Tuesday since following this episode till the season wraps up.

Do not worry if you are not able to watch the show on time. Cruel Summer Episode 6 can be streamed on the official website of Freeform or on Hulu. The next episode will be called as “An Ocean Inside Me”. One can also look at the official synopsis of the episode. It says that it will be looking at how a deposition will affect the case of Jeanette.


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