Cruel Summer Episode Schedule – When To Expect Next Episode

Cruel Summer has been talked about enormously as of lately. This is a new American drama show, which can be on freeform and fans can’t get enough of it. Well, it’s really tough to put a genre on this show but broadly it would be taken in the thriller family. It has been created by Bert V. Royal and first episode aired in April, 2021 and four amazing episodes have hit the screens till now.


Cruel Summer: What is the plot?

The story is set in the fictional city of Skyline. This town is supposedly situated in the state of Texas and we see the show is set in timeline of mid and late 1990s. The show based on the concept of Cruel Summer, which shows the



consequence that an individual might go under after being kidnapped for a long time.

Now let us go on to the main characters in the show. The protagonist is a girl named Kate Wallis who goes missing one day with no one who can confirm her whereabouts. She is shown as a person who is very popular among the people of her age. And we also see the suspect in the show whose name is Martin Harris.



We also see the character of Jeanette Turner. She is on the other end of the spectrum as we see that she is a socially awkward kid who life starts around the life of Kate and the mystery of her disappearance. She is also being blamed for the disappearance of her it is believed that she did not inform the authorities at the right time. Hence, she is labelled as the most hated person across America.

We see that each episode of this show is focused on a different character.

What is the timeline of the next episode?

The next i.e., fifth episode of Cruel Summer is supposed to come out 11th of May 2021. You can stream the show on Freeform.

The later dates are:

Episode: 6 – 18.5.2021

Episode: 7 – 25.5.2021

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