Crunchyroll Reveals First Trailer Of the Upcoming Anime Noblesse! Read All About The Anime Adaptation here

Crunchyroll Reveals Anime Noblesse: Are you an anime lover? If yes, then get excited for a new original Crunchyroll anime to be released later in October, CrunchyRoll along with Webtoon in co-production, on Thursday 2020 released its first trailer Of its upcoming Anime Noblesse!


It was going to be produced by I.G production and directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto and is based on the South Korean webcomic series having the same name. It was written by Son Jeho and was explained by Lee Kwangsi.


The digital comic series was first launched on Webtoon in 2007 making itself the first Webtoon with English translation in the year 2014. Not just Webtoon, the comic series was also used in adaptation for its OVA in 2016 and a South Korean Animation in the year  2015.

When It Will Be Released?

The trailer was just launched on Thursday,13 Aug 2020 and it’s now going to be aired in October this year. The Crunchyroll had already stated that they are planning for their original anime series in the month of February but due to the prevailing pandemic, Its release will take time till October.


Who Will be The Cast?

The voiceover cast & characters will be:

  • Cadis Etrama di Raizel ( voiceover by Tarusuke Shingaki)
  • Frankenstein ( voice given by Daisuke Hirakawa)
  • M-21 ( voice given by kosuke Onishi)
  • Tashiro Yasuke (voiceover by Ryota Iwasaki)
  • Kase Manabu ( voice by Yohei Hamada )

What Will Be The Plot?

The plot follows a noble Raizel who was titled as Noblesse was enrolled in Ye Ran High School by one of his loyal servants who wanted to protect him. There he learns about the simple, uncomplicated daily routines and works of humans There was a Union which is termed as a secret society who uses human clone who is modified than the real ones to intrude in the Raizel’s territory

Later Raizel uses his great noble powers to protect his members. At first, he was shown to be awakened after a long sleep of 820 years. But for what he had taken this step of long nap will be revealed in the series.

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