Cuba Gooding Jr. becomes a hero as he saves a man who accidentally put himself on fire at a party

After saving a man from a fire in a party in New York City, Cuba Gooding Jr, become a hero. Let’s find how Cuba Become a real-life hero.


The Jerry Maguire star and his girlfriend were partying, and Claudine De Niro, who was at a socially distanced Shabbat dinner in Bridgehampton when their host caught fire.


The 52-year-old actors saved the host, which accidentally got the fire And became a hero. The sources claim that the host inadvertently set himself on fire, and Cuba jumped in full Hero mode.

What really happens at the party?

At Cuba Bridgehampton home over the weekend, the host shirt was accidentally “ignited in flames” from a candle. The sources confirmed the news, and his girlfriend told that The back of the hosts’ shirt ignited into flames from a candle that he unknowingly bent back into while the rabbi was giving the Shabbat blessing.

Cuba Gooding Jr

She continues saying that the man started panicking and thrashing his arms, and guests backed away from the man, except for Cuba, who ran to the gentleman and extinguished the flames entirely.

An insider told Page six that Cuba Gooding Jr Jumped into action hero mode and sprayed him with water in front of nervous guests, and everyone cheered after it was clear the guy was okay.

Cuba and previous allegations

A 52-year-old actor is also facing allegations of rape. He was accused of raping a woman twice in 2013. The woman who accused him is Jane Doe, and she filed the case in August 2018.

She claimed that she met Cuba in a bar in Manhattan 7 years ago and was invited for drinks at a nearby hotel. She said that she suffers a lot, emotionally, physically, and wasn’t able to enjoy life.

Cuba denied all the allegations and said that all these allegations are fake. And believe that complaint will be dismissed.


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