Cursed season 2: all trending updates

Cursed season 2: The show has adopted a little known character from the stories of King Arthur and reformed her as the protagonist of the story. Katherine Langford Nimue is known as the mythical lady of the lake who holds the sword of power in Cursed.


The show is based on a novel by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller. It consists of wicked villains, heroic adventures, valiant fights and loads of live action.


The fantasy series was trending at number one on netflix when it premiered in July

Will there be a renewal for cursed?

The previous season ended with a major cliffhanger, we saw Nimue being struck down by sister Iris. Who is now literally the lady of the lake, we don’t know if Nimue is alive. 

With so many cases being unresolved, there are chances for the show to be renewed.

The show has made no official announcements yet.

Season 2 cast

Being dead in season 1 finale, Peter Mullan’s father Carden is sure to be absent from the cast of cursed season 2- unless he returns in flashbacks

Others we can expect to be the same as season 1; Nimue, Merlin, Arthur, Weeping Monk, Morgana, Sister Iris, Red spear, Pym and Pope.

If Gawain comes back from the dead, he appearance would be somewhat changed, maybe he will become the ‘Green knight’ of legend

Cursed season 2

Plot of  Cursed season 2 

In the finale of the show we saw that Villainous Weeping Monk is the Lancelot of Arthurian Legend where squirrels turn out to be prevalent.

Both become knights of the Round table in Lore, which means their story will continue in the next season.

We could see the progress of a potential love triangle between Nimue, Arthur and Guinevere.

With many plotlines being unresolved in season 1 the story will pick up from resolving those issues.


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