Cursed Season 2: Is it being revived for second season, What to expect ?

Cursed Season 2

Cursed Season 2, Recently Netflix has been creating fantasy stories and the audience loves it. Cursed is another fantasy drama series streaming on Netflix. This fantasy story is an adaptation of a novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. The initial story of the novel is set around the tale of King Arthur. For the series, the Lady of the Lake, Nimue leads the story, although she is a minor character in the folklore.


According to the audience, Cursed can be classified as a separate genre of itself. After a great response received for the first season, the creators are having some serious discussion of creating a second season. Here are all the details you need to know –


RELEASE DATE of Cursed Season 2

So Cursed Season 2 is sure news! The creators confirmed the renewal of the series. Netflix could not reject the continuation of the series after a good response from its viewers. The network announced that the audience can view the second season soon on screens!

Netflix has not dropped an official date for the second season. If we assume that there won’t be any delay in work or production then it will release by 2021. But 2021, is marked as a year when many more super hit dramas are releasing on the network, so there might be a possibility that Netflix postpones some release dates. However, let us stay positive until any further news is dropped and expect for a sooner release!


CAST of Cursed Season 2

The series is incomplete without our dashing King Arthur, played by Devon Terell.

The role of Katherine Langford as Nimue is still in doubt. Although she is the star of the show, the first season was a question mark on her fate! So her character in the second season is still a mystery.

Other main cast members including Gustav Skarsgard as Merlin, Daniel Sharman as Weeping Monk or Lancelot, and Billy Jenkins as Squirrel or Percival will also make their ways back to star in Cursed – season 2. There would also be some new characters joining.

PLOT of Cursed Season 2

The first season was left on a major cliff hanger, where Nimue sacrifices her self to save her father’s life. But will she return alive? We never know. So the fate of Nimue will e the lead string of Season’s plot

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