Cuties 2: Is there gonna be a sequel for the Netflix movie after the controversial 1st movie? Know more!

Cuties 2

Cuties 2: Itis a French movie. It is written and directed by Maimouna Doucoure. The movie is based on a French Girl with a Muslim background, caught between the Internet and traditional cultural norms.


Recently the first part of the movie has been released on Netflix internationally. After that, it entered a controversial phase over the poster and the movie plot.


Why the movie is getting all hyped up?

The movie used an image that was uncomfortable for many people. They said it is sexualizing girls- regarding color. Doucouré’s intent is to show “that our children should have the time to be children,” she told TIME magazine this month. In using imagery about exploited youth, Doucouré wants to hit home just how important innocence is, and how much it’s taken for granted today.

Netflix apologizes for promotional poster after controversy

After all these controversies, Netflix demands an apology and removed the image over which everything has started. Netflix said “ deeply sorry for the inappropriate artwork”.


Will there be a Cuties 2 after all the controversy?

It all depends on the makers and Netflix only. These cancel Netflix people cannot do anything about the new part. Even cancel Netflix was going on a few months back for 365 days movie. But there will be going to be another sequel for that and already the shooting has been started.

It will going to depend only on Netflix and makers. If the first part gets a high critics review and a nice range of views, There will definitely be another sequel.

Who were in the Movie?

  • Fathia Youssouf as Amy
  • Médina El Aidi-Azouni as Angelica
  • Maïmouna Gueye  as Mariam, the mother
  • Esther Gohourou as Coumba
  • Ilanah Cami-Goursolas as Jess
  • Myriam Hamma as Yasmine
  • Mbissine Therese Diopas the aunt
  • Demba Diaw as Ismael
  • Mamadou Samaké as Samba


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