Daisy Coleman starred in Audrie and Daisy on Netflix died at 23

In 2016, there was a documentary titled as Audrie and Daisy that was released on Netflix. The documentary was about suicide and rape. Further, the show featured Daisy Coleman.


Unfortunately, Daisy Coleman died by suicide at a very early age of 23.


The documentary not only featured Daisy Coleman’s story but also featured a story of a 15-year-old girl named Audrie Pott. The girl also committed suicide and the reason for such an act was sexual assault. Same did happen with Daisy Coleman. 

Have you heard of SafeBAE?

It stands for Safe before anyone else. It is an organisation created by Daily Coleman in 2017.

So what had happened with Daisy Coleman? 

At the age of 14, she was raped at a party. Not only this, but she was also left out in the freezing temperatures with just a t-shirt. Coleman after the incident said that the act of January 8, 2012, won’t define her. 

But in 2016 since she was bullied at her school, all this forced her to make an attempt to suicide when she was just 16 years old. She definitely didn’t deserve that. Her mother Melinda also wrote that she was never able to recover from all those acts. This is not at all fair. 

Melinda posted on Facebook about her best friend’s and amazing daughter’s death. She further added that her daughter is gone. She wished she could take all that pain from her daughter. 


On Tuesday that is 4th August 2020, Daisy’s mother confirmed her daughter’s passing away on her Facebook page. Citing her grief she mentioned she won’t be able to live without her. 

She was found dead by the police who were called upon by Melinda to check for her daughter. They confirmed that she died of suicide at night. 


When Daisy was harassed, she made the headlines of national news. Owing to her experience she started Safe BAE. SafeBAE raises awareness about sexual consent to middle and high school students. The organization was shattered hearing news of her death. She had been fighting the trauma for many years and it has been very difficult for her to rise above the trauma. 

May Daisy’s soul rest in peace. This is all we can say. 

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