Dan Fogler responds to rumors about major Harry Potter characters appearing in fantastic beasts franchise

fantastic beasts

Dan Fogler responds to rumors: Fantastic beasts is an adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s books. Originally it was; believed that there are three books but later on it was disclosed that there will be five books.


The makers of Fantastic beasts have always tried to make clear that the stories have been created on their own. Though the characters and the storyline are very similar to Harry potter.  Dan Fogler has answered for a new rumor very well.


We had already seen that fantastic beast is very similar to the harry potter series. The characters, Storyline, and many more. Now the audience is questioning the new improbable beasts for copying key harry potter characters.

You can see in the improbable beasts sequence there are harry potter key characters. And even the backstories behind the villains Nagini and Grindelwald has a connection with Albus Dumbledore from harry potter.

Dan Fogler

Here’s what Dan Fogler said to rumors regarding harry potter characters appearing in the fantastic beasts franchise

People are saying that they have seen more harry potter in season 3 Of improbable beasts. This is why people are able to discover the core characters in a wizarding college. And Dan Fogler who played the role of Jacob Kowalski will be returning for the third season as well.
In a conversation with Movie Dweeb, Jacob was asked for funny characters like Hagrid showing up in the new season of improbable beasts. Jacob replied with ease “ There could be a Hagrid crossover, which will be very interesting to see. Is that what people are saying? I don’t know that.” But after the movie was released it wasn’t up to expectations.

Also, we are pretty clear about Hermione Granger not showing up in further sequels. And it is very easy though that after the Harry Potter series it is really easy to introduce any new character with magic abilities.

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