Danger Force Episode 12: Release Date and More Information

Danger Force Episode 12: It is an American spinoff comedy-drama series that was created by  J. Nowak. It is derived from the TV series Henry Danger and was aired on Nickelodeon on March 28, 2020. The series holds great response from the viewers and is not all set to come up with the next episode 12 on which we will be giving you the updates right in the post below.


Danger Force Episode 12: Release Date

The episode 12 of Danger Force has got a released date of 5th September 2020. This new episode will be titled a Prank War. The last episode 11 aired on 29th August 2020 with the title of Leaked Video Pt. 2. The show makers had declared for its Minisodes on August 4, 2020. The show holds the task of releasing 13 episodes which consist of seven episodes and 5 short episodes or Minisodes.


Danger Force: About Series

The plot takes place in Swellview who holds a bundle of superheroes who are ready to battle against the wrongdoings and evil things. The show reprises Captain Man along with Schwoz who hires Miles, Mika, Bose, and Chapa who they train in the Swellview Academy.

Danger Force Episode 12

Till now in the first part of the series, we saw Danger Force and Captain Man trying hard in against the bag-wearing criminal. Vot was seen unsuccessful for the same task for which she was scolded by Captain Man. Along with this, We saw Brainstorm, Shout-Out, and AWOL conferring about the strange behavior of Volt and right from here the plot was shifted to Chapa about her crush Creston Chestwell for whom she had a fight with Mika and later on We saw the identity of the bag-wearing criminal getting unleashed.

Danger Force: Who Are In The Cast?

  • Cooper Barnes in the role of Captain Man
  • Michael D. Cohen seen as Schwoz
  • Havan Flores in the role of Chapa
  • Terrence Little Gardenhigh in the role of Miles
  • Dana Heath in the role of Mika
  • Luca Luhan seen as Bose


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