Dark Desire Season 2: Is it confirmed ? What to expect ?

Dark Desire Season 2, Dark Desire is a hot Mexican TV streaming on Netflix. The show broke all the records on the streaming platform and showed up on the top ten series list on the platform. The show is the 6th most popular series on Netflix, even after facing criticism and being compared to 365 days (another series).




Netflix has not officially announced a renewal of the series for a second season. Netflix usually delays the announcement of the popular show, so this might be just another delayed announcement. The audience is however waiting for the situation to get back to normal, which may have halted the second season production till now.

WHEN WILL Dark Desire Season 2 RELEASE?

At this time, there are only a few productions that have resumed, so we can consider the coronavirus outbreak as the main reason for the delay of the season. Mexico is among the countries majorly affected and a place of the shoot, it is obvious that work cannot start until the authorities give proper permissions.

After all the viewership and popularity gained in a very short period, we have high hopes that a new season would be dropped soon. We have to wait for any further update, because this hot series can just end all of a sudden, with so many fans waiting to know what happens next!



If the season is renewed, we cannot hope to see it before 2021. So all our answers lie with the creators and developers of the show, who are probably waiting for the right time to release the news!

Who killed Brenda? Before the story flows ahead, we all need answers to this question because we cannot handle suspense anymore! Also, another major explanation we need is, what will Dario do now? What next? Luckily we will find our answers in the second chapter of the series.

There are a lot of possibilities the show can twist and make us fall in love with Dark Desire all over again.

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