Dark season 3-Release, cast, trailer, plot and everything fans need to know about the Series!!

“Dark season 3”

The German thriller series, Dark coming up with it’s third season for mind-bending once again. Dark was created by two German filmmakers Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. It’s often been called- ‘the Stranger Things for grown-ups’, is a sci-fi, time-travelling thriller.


In a small town of German, two young children disappears, which in turn exposes the stories of four interconnected families. The mystery of dark turns into light. When a teenager named Jonas, tries to follow his father’s footsteps and discovers many disturbing things. Four interconnected families are involved, whose pasts for 33 years have been connected to each other.


What’s the plot?? 

With more planning and plotting, Dark season 3 is coming up for fans. In third season, the story will revolve around the two main characters, Jonas and Martha.

In the end of season two, Martha saves Jonas from the apocalypse. We got to see an insight into another world. In the another world, Martha is Living the life of Jonas and they both will try to save their timelines. Also the world was saved from what has been happening on the show. It’s going to create supernatural twist.


When will it Release?? Is trailer availabel or not?? 

All fans are desperately waiting for thriller series of Dark, that would be launched on 27 June 2020. The date which marks the beginning of ‘the last cycle’ in the world of the show.

After a long wait, fans able to watch The official trailer. The following season will be more twisted than you can imagine!! So, finally the wait is over. An official trailer has been released on 12 June 2020. Also one longer second trailer, dropped by Netflix in May, announcing when it would be hitting the service. It gives a peak at what is to come in the final.

Who will be new cast members?? 

In season 3 of Dark, Some new faces might be expecting to join the cast of third season. They are including Nina Kronjager, Barbara Nusse, Jakob Diehl, Hans Diehl, Axel Werner, and Sammy Scheuritzel. Other than these, the previous cast were expected to return including:

  • Louis Hofmann as the young Jonas Kahnwald
  • Jordis Triebel as Katharina Nielsen
  • Lisa Vicari as Martha Nielsen
  • Mark Waschke as Noah
  • Andreas Pietschmann as older Jonas
  • Lea van Acken as the unnamed girl from future



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