Dark Season 3: Who is Killian Obendorf? All the explanation you need. (Series Explained)


Dark Season 3 – What started with a simple story of a son wanting to know the reason why his father killed himself has become the most complicated story out there on Netflix. Just to give you a glimpse of how complex things are, we witness a character giving birth to her own mother.


This is an extra ordinary sci-fi saga with mutli-universe realities and time travel elements. Even with a lot of complications, we can make sense of the story if we really keep a track of all the details.


General trivia: Dark Season 3

This show is about a complicated family with an even more complicated situations and particulars. This is a story about a son whose father killed himself one day . This story is revolves around the cousins and love interest of the character. This story is not just a thriller genre movie but it is a sci-fi series . It showcases time travell and multi-dimensional realities .


The reason this show has become so popular and doing rounds on the internet is because it really makes our minds melt. Every scene , every dialogue is very important . The storyline is engaging even after being so much complicated . So in order to understand the show one has to watch with patience and concentration .

Dark Season 3


Dark is not some regular show be understood with some few pointers. But we will break it down for you as much as we can .

In a nutshell , this story revolves around ‘Adam’ and ‘Eva’. Adam wants to being an destrog by colliding different realities/world. Whereas Eva wants to sustain versions of herself from different worlds.

But soon Adam finds that the reason he wanted to destroy the cycle of time was not actually true. Now to undo whatever wrongs were done , he does some time travelling. And it leads to several time loops and multi realities.

Dark Season 3 EXPLANED: In season 3 we get to how Adam, Martha, Jonas an the other characters survive or fall prey to the time tragedy. If speaking honestly , Martha(from alternate reality) and Jonas saved the world from the apocalypse.


Killian Overdraft is a character we see in Dark Season 3 . We see him in the second world to which Jonas travells to untie the knot of time Killian was the brother of Erik Obendraft who was missing in two seasons.

In the end we see how the characters look in the origin universe. And now the who survived are free from the time and the apocalypse they were doomed to again & again.



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