Dark season 3- who is Silja? What are the characters and plot of the show? (SEASON 3 EXPLAINED)

Dark season 3

Dark season 3 – The German science fiction show Dark originally arrived on Netflix in 2017 and has been a hit from that point forward. Season three was the last season with eight new scenes. Dull’s twisty plot arrived ahead with new characters and universes increasing the story further – however, one unavoidable issue stays about these two figures.


Dim finished with Jonas Kahnwald (played by Louis Hofmann) and Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) devastating the bunch which bound their two universes together.


They did this by making a trip to the Origin World where they changed occasions so H.G. Tannhaus (Christian Steyer) never manufactured the machine in any case.

Clock retailer and researcher Tannhaus constructed his machine after his child Marek (Merlin Rose), little girl in-law Sonja (Svenja Jung) and their infant girl Charlotte were executed in an auto accident.

The evening of their demises, Tannhaus got into an enormous battle with his child, who left with his family.

Dark season 3 – Who is Kilian Obendorf?

Unfortunately, an enormous rainstorm saw their vehicle run off the street and fall into a stream where they died.

Their bodies were rarely found yet their misfortune crushed Tannhaus, who lost everything and frantically attempted to imagine time travel so he could spare them.

Dark season 3

Obscure to Tannhaus, he was fruitful – however, he wound up making two interlaced universes which kept on consummation and be reawakened over and over.

A few fans have seen matches among Jonas and Martha and Sonja and Marek, with some recommending they are variants of one another in various universes.

Dark season 3 – Sonja and Marek Tannhaus were portrayals

While a subsequent fan called gavin_f97 expressed: “In the last scene of season 3 at 55:01, after Jonas and Martha prevent Marek from driving ahead, Sonja ventures out of the vehicle to inquire as to whether everything’s fine.

The client proceeded to clarify: “All through Season 3, it is focused on how the child of Jonas and Martha are the starting point of the cycle. Imagine a scenario in which they were really alluding to Charlotte Tannhaus.

“On the off chance that she didn’t kick the bucket, H.G. Tannhaus could never have opened the main entryway, where the real starting point is!”

Along these lines, it would seem that both Martha and Jonas are portrayals of Marek and Sonja in the Origin World.

Also, Martha and Jonas’ child the Unknown (Jakob Diehl) in the bunch was a portrayal of infant Charlotte Tannhaus.

Dark season 3 – Everything inside the bunch is representative of things in the Origin World yet in a turned-around way – so the sexual orientations of Martha and Jonas are exchanged alongside their child’s.

The interminable bunch recommends Tannhaus was attempting to keep his family alive in some structure, despite the fact that he didn’t know he’d made it.

There’s additionally a sense just Martha and Jonas could have halted Marek and Sonja in light of the fact that they are basically their different selves.

There appeared to some notion among them, they were experiencing their doppelgänger of sorts – regardless of whether they didn’t understand it on a cognizant level


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