Dash and lily season 2: plot, cast and latest updates

Dash and lily season 2: It is a teen show starring Austin Abrams and Midori Francis, highschoolers who meet in Newyork during their holidays. The show is based on Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, a novel by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. The first show has eight episodes that follow the story of two teenagers who communicated through a mutual notebook that leads to their face-to-face meeting.


It is a feel-good series and gives you all the christmas aesthetic vibes. 


The season 2 can take the story into many directions and here’s everything that you need to know about it, 

Cast for Dash & Lily season 2

The new season will probably feature the same cast. The show would not be without Austin and Midori, who play the titular characters; Dash & Lily, so they will mostly return for the second season.

Other members will include Dante Brown, Troy Iwata, Agneeta Thacker, James Saito, Jodi Long. And possibly Jonas brothers to bring some music melodies for another concert.

When will the show premiere?

The next season for Dash & Lily will come out after a year from now, in November 2021. 

Given the current pandemic situation, it has led to many filming delays and now we have no idea when Dash & Lily will resume their production.

Dash and lily season 2

Until then We can hope for things to turn out well, after all this show taught us that, where there is a will, there’s a way.

What would Dash & Lily’s second season be about?

After a fairy tale ending in the first season which was full of christmas cheer, there’s much left for the two young lovebirds. 

The second season is from book 2 titled ‘The twelve days of Dash and Lily’. In the second novel, Lily’s grandfather faces several health issues and her relationship with Dash takes a turn the wrong way. The narrative is expected to have a mature tone, and show how the two protagonists learn to compromise things on their own part when life seems to be tough.

There’s much more left for the drama to uncover and explore.


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