David Arquette Takes Fall For Courteney Cox Infamous Bangs in Scream 3

Courteney Cox’s Infamous Bangs: Scream movie star Courteney Cox had been the center of the gossip due to her horrible bangs in the movie Scream 3. The movie was released on  3 Feb 2000, But even after so many years of its release, The fans still criticize the movie and also made fun of it for the terrible bangs of Courteney Cox.


David Arquette Opens Up On Courteney’s Terrible Haircut

David Arquette and Courteney Cox are not just co-stars, They were married in real life in the year 1999, and were divorced in 2013 after the release of Scream 4, On seeing his Ex-wife and co-star as the center of a laugh, David Arquette opens about the haircut’s starting origin. He said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the idea of keeping a different hairstyle in every other part of Scream movie is his idea


And all he wanted Courteney to have a haircut like Bettie Page, which would have suited her, But unfortunately, the hairstylist have done a terrible thing by cutting the bangs too short. He also stated that the stylist should understand that if someone wants a similar haircut like any other person, they should totally adopt it fully, and not just should experiment and create a mess with it. On the contrary, Courtney Cox who was trolled for her hairstyle had stated that she learned a lesson of taking care for oneself

Even after a gap of time after the movie release, The actress had made a video making fun of herself for her hairstyle in October 2019, She was seen holding a scissor in her hand and cutting her own hairs in bangs like the one she had in the movie. She was seen saying that She felt absolutely okay with the bangs, and she wonders why people didn’t like it after she cut her hair a Ghostface from the movie was seen appearing in her video which was a plan of her for trolling her own self.

Maybe that’s a well-played idea on her part.

Scream 5

The fans are highly awaited for part 5 to be released, but the much bigger questions are what will be the new Courteney Cox Infamous Bangs and will the former couple would like to be seen again in part 5. For this, David had stated that they both used to meet each other and it will be completely okay for him and Cox to work together again. Part 5 would probably be released in 2021. Let’s see what they would have in store for the next part

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