David Blaine ’s gearing up to perform an ‘Up’ inspired ‘Ascension’ stunt in Arizona. Know more about it!

The Ascension stunt by David Blaine was live-streamed on YouTube. He was seen floating 24,000 feet in the air. He was held up by 52 helium-filled balloons. And after he reached 24,000 feet he skydived back down with a parachute that was attached to him.


Blaine’s daughter Dessa during the stunt:

Blaine has a nine-year-old daughter Dessa. She watched and spoke to her father many times during the stunt.


Though The stunt was initially scheduled to be held in his hometown of New York City, it was postponed because of unfavorable weather.

What was Blaine’s inspiration?

Blaine was actually inspired by the image from the 1956 French film Le Ballon Rouge. In that image, a little boy was seen floating into the sky and was held by a pack of balloons. Further, Blaine added that for this stunt he had been preparing for two months.

Also, he obtained a pilot’s license, a commercial balloon pilot’s license, and learned to skydive ahead of the stunt.


David Blaine is an Illusionist and magician and floated more than 24,000 feet above the Arizona desert. As said earlier he was held up by 52 helium-filled balloons in his latest daring stunt. 

More about the latest live broadcast stunt by David Blaine :

David had an estimate of 18000 feet. And at 8000 feet he started strapping himself into a parachute. But it was after he reached 24000 feet that he skydived back down. Further, the stunt was of a one-hour duration. Once he reached 24,900 feet he released himself from the balloons. And once he landed he had a word with his daughter and told her that he loves him. And this was all for her.


Since 2012 Ascension is the first live broadcast stunt of Blaine. In 2012, he spent 72 hours on a pillar while he was hit by 1 million volts of electricity in New York City.


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