David Koepp says- ‘He is not interested in doing any other superhero movie now’!!

Have you all heard about Spiderman- the most famous superhero movie?? 

David Koepp’s plays a major role in screenplay of the most famous Spider-Man in 2002. The movie defined the superhero and was a  huge hit. For all the times, Koepp is the ninth most successful screenwriter and filmwriter. His box office crosses a total gross of over $2.3 billion, which is a great response of audience.


But Koepp decided not to return back to write the sequels for Spider-Man.Why?? 

David Koepp scripted some of most popular and super hit films like Jurassic ParkMission: Impossible and Panic Room and Spiderman. Alongside his work, he also showed interest in directing being a screenwriter.


He directed a thriller and horror movies including Secret Windowand Premium Rush. Also directed a small series. Now, by combining both his writing and directing talents, he had started a new horror genre – ‘You Should Have Left’.It’s starring Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried.

David Koepp said – “You know, never say never on anything. I mean, I had a great time with the Spider-Man movie, but superhero movies have evolved so profoundly and in such a sophisticated storytelling way. They are just very different from when I was interested in them. So, I like to watch them, but I like to think of new stuff whenever I can.”


Koepp revealed what he had planned for Spiderman 2 and 3. Basically, he’s planning for Gwen to be killed in the middle of the second movie. As it follows some sort of the Empire Strikes Back model. Also he wanted to use different villains in a different way to tell that story.

Will David be back again?  

If David Koepp continued with the franchise, the main focus of Spider-Man 2 on Gwen Stacy and Harry Osbourne. And not on the villains. Then, Doctor Octopus would not have been the main villain. Now,  it’s a worse situation. We don’t know how better or worse this version of Spider-Man 2 would have been? It maybe counted amongst the greatest superhero movies ever, if fans supports in good way.

When he was asked to return to scriptwriting duties for the sequel of Spider-Man, he may come back again. Although Koepp is still famous writer for that genre.Recently, to a reporter he shared his view. He wanna go back to the very first Spiderman movie. He had already planned for first three movies. How it should be and all the characters  and their personalities, but it didint work for him to keep writing the Spiderman movies.
He was very excited to come back and try to finish the story.

Unfortunately, Koepp is no more interested in doing any other superhero movie now!!


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