‘Dear White People’ star Jeremy Tardy won’t return for season 4, know why!

Dear white people cast star Jeremy Tardy tweeted on Friday about the racial discrimination in the contract. He later told everyone that he won’t be continuing for another season. That will be the 4th and 5th season of Dear White People.


What Tardy wrote?

Jeremy wrote that he will not be joining Netflix’s Dear White People season 4th and 5th. Because of his experience with Lionsgate and their racial discrimination. “After being offered to return for a few episodes, my team was notified that the initial offer was best and final. But at the same place, one of my white colleagues revealed that they too had received the same initial offer and had successfully negotiated a counter offer.”


He further mentioned that his team told this issue to Lionsgate and the producers but they told me that the white actor was being in a state to negotiate and I was not in a condition to negotiate, regardless of my career and experience.

Jeremy Tardy continued saying that some of his classmates were banded on initial offers only. “Our stance was to move powerfully as a unit in the negotiation process and, more importantly, to stand on principle because this is not simply a monetary matter. All of us are aware of the fact that notorious pay disparities between black and white people. And on the Netflix and Lionsgate shows made it pretty obvious. However, our collective bargaining power was undermined with side deal offers and a lack of transparency.

Actually the goal of Tardy was to call Lionsgate and Netflix for their symbolic gestures and hypocrisy.  He mentioned these companies’ donations and support toward Black Lives Matter but now they are going against it.

Now we should sit and relax and see how Lionsgate and Netflix are going to respond to it.


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