Death in Paradise Season 10 filming to finish this December, Josephine Jobert confirms

Death in Paradise Season 10: Itis a British crime drama show. Its first season premiered in 2011 and its Ninth season just launched in January 2020. The first three seasons the show focused on Richard Poole who is sent from London to the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie and ends up staying there.


The show is known for bringing and new and new characters and replacing the other regular. When Richard Poole (played by Ben Miller) himself gets murdered on in season 3 a new detective, Mr. Humphery Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) is sent to the island to solve his murder. Then in season 6, Goodman returns to London and he is replaced by a new detective, Mr. Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon). Lastly, in season 9 he too gets replaced as Neville Parker (Ralf Little ) takes over as the central character.


Death in Paradise Season 10 Release Date

The show usually aired in January, but it had to be delayed due to backsliding in shootings caused because of the current coronavirus pandemic. The show is now slated to release in March 2021.

The shooting for season 10 is going to be wrapped up by December as confirmed by the Instagram post posted by the actress Johesphine Jobert as she returns to the sets of Death in Paradise.

Josephine Jobert’s returns in Death in Paradise

As mentioned earlier Josphine Jobert will be reprising her role as D.S Florence Cassell in the upcoming season of Death in Paradise. The show that has a history to cut off its regulars is going to bring back its former regular Florence Cassell. Although her character had to be laid off as Josphine Jobert departed from the show in Season 8 due to personal reasons.

Fans are just as excited as Josphine as the latter returns on Death in Paradise. The Executive Producer Tim Key also mentions that he is glad to be working with the actress again and that it will be fun to watch her character put the moves on Detective Neville.


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