Death in Paradise Season 10- What happened in the last season? How will the story continue?

Death in Paradise Season 10, Death in Paradise is a crime-thriller T.V series. The show is aired on the networks, BBC 1 and the French network France 2. The show is loved by its fans because of all the thrill and the plot twists it provides. So in this article, we have got all the updates and details you need for the previous season and the season ten of the show- Death in Paradise. So, read on.


What happened in season nine of Death in Paradise?
The season nine of the show was filled with a lot of plot twists and suspense. At first, the team of investigators thought that the crime has been committed by the blind lady, Olivia Reeves. Finlay Gerrard who works as a fisherman also had provided the team with this news a and even Olivia had accepted that she was at fault. But before they were being arrested Finlay had asked for money from Olivia, if she wanted him to not tell the detectives of her crime. When the police found the fisherman, he started to threaten DS Madeleine Dumas with a knife. The knife of Finlay was no match for all the skills that Dumas was capable of and she freed herself.


So, in the next season, the plot may revolve around this storyline only and offer a lot of twists.


Will Death in Paradise be renewed for Death in Paradise Season 10?
Yes! Death in Paradise has been officially been renewed for a season ten, as confirmed by the officials of the show and the network BBC.
So, gear up fans we are going down on a very adventurous and suspenseful read!

Release date of Death in Paradise Season 10:
There has been no confirmation about the official release date of its next season as the productions could have been stopped due to the Coronavirus. But the season ten of Death in Paradise is expected to be released in the year 2021.

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