Demi Lovato Has Released New Anti-Trump Song titled “Commander in Chief”

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is an American singer and actress. She started her career in 2002 in Barney and Friends. Lovato is singing a song against President Trump. And it will be release as accusing him of Lining his pockets while other people of his country are dying.


What all to know about the song?

Demi Lovato a 28-year-old Pop star revealed the title of the song as Commander in Chief. She writes this on Tuesday. Even though she didn’t mention Trump’s name but it sharply condemns him over his tricks for handling pandemic situation.


Demi Lovato sings the song which is titled as Commander-in-chief says honestly If she did things you do she won’t be able to sleep. Seriously do you even know the truth?

And some other lyrics in the song Demi asks DO you get off on pain? We are not pawns in your game.

Lovato sings about Trump’s critics and she won’t give up and will stand on the ground. She adds We will be in the streets and you will be bunked down.

Commander in Chief

In an interview with CNN, Demi Lovato said she originally wanted to write Trump a letter asking him a series of questions before another idea came to her.

Apart from this Mental health advocate said I thought I don’t really actually want to do that and I thought one way that I could do that is writing a song. And soon will release it for everyone afterward he has to answer questions of everyone.

Lovato is all set to make a performance at Commander in Chief in Billboard Music award on Wednesday.

In her interview with CNN, she encouraged Americans to head to the polls on 3rd November 2020. She also said that We have to turn up and vote because it’s so important that our voices are heard. And I don’t care whether you are a Democrat or a Republican just vote out.


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