Demon Slayer Season 2 is on its way! Release date,plot,cast and all other recent updates are here .

Demon Slayer Season 2, Did you watch Season 1 of Demon Slayer? The first season of Demon Slayer is rated as 8.8 by IMDb. There have indeed been many anime series in the past that have not been renewed for its second season. Thankfully that is not the case with Demon Slayer. Yes, we will have a season 2 of Demon Slayer. 


So if you are a demon slayer fan then, you might be excited for the coming of its second season. Here are all recent updates about the series.


Release date of Demon Slayer Season 2:

With the continuation of the Manga Series, Demon Slayer 2 is expected to release next year, maybe around January or February. As the year 2020 goes further, we will get to know more about the release date of the amazing Anime Demon Slayer 2.

The first season of Demon Slayer was surely a success and has gained considerable viewership. And the same is expected from the second season. No official date for the release is out yet.

The first season of Demon Slayer began on 26 April 2019. It had 26 episodes. Due to the success of the first season, the studio decided to have its second season as well. Further, the way the plot of season 1 goes, it demands a second season also. One thing that is for sure is that we will get to see a great action between demons and demon slayers.


The Plot of Demon Slayer Season 2:

If you have watched the first season you know that Nezuko turned into a demon. Further, we saw Tanjiro was trying to help her. So the story of season 2 is expected to continue from here itself. But there is no news as such about the plot of the sequel.

The Cast of Demon Slayer Season 2:

Well, it is confirmed that the lead roles will not change. Further, we will get to see a few new characters in the sequel. So who all will be seen? Satoshi Hino will play the role of Kyojuro Rengoku and Daisuke Hirakawa will be portrayed as Emma. Akari Kito and Natsuki Hanae will play the roles of Nezuko and Tanjiro Kamado respectively. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Hiro Shimono are also other featured actors.

But let’s wait for further news to know more about the upcoming sequel.

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