Des becomes ITV’s biggest drama launch of 2020

The British crime drama thriller mini-series, Des which released on fourteen September 2020 has given ITV its biggest drama hit of the year. More than five million people saw the episode of the show which aired at nine pm day before yesterday. The show is based on the plot line of the arrest of Dennis Nilsen, the serial killer.


The show has been inspired from a book and will not fail to keep you thrilled.



The serial killer who got arrested was Scottish. The forty-nine year old Scottish Actor, David Tennant plays the role of the killer in the series. The role of Detective chief inspector is played by the forty two year old Daniel Mays who is a father of two children. And lastly Jason Watkins plays the biographer in the show. The actor has worked in both films and on television.

David has been appreciated a lot by the viewers for his realistic acting in the role of a serial killer.

Des thriller mini-series

Who Was Nilsen?

The serial killer had already killed fifteen men when he was arrested in February 1983. Nilsen used to get rid off the bodies by burning them or by flushing off their body parts. People got to know about what he was doing only when a plumber noticed that the drains were clogging.

The show has it all, it has a brilliant cast, it has been very well written and directed too. But Tennant has been getting a lot of positive comments from everyone for his work.

The first two episodes of the series have been written by Luke Neal and the last episode has been written by Kelly Jones. All the episodes have been directed by the infamous Lewis Arnold. The miniseries will end today at nine pm. Don’t miss out the exciting and nerving last episode of this series.


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