Designated survivor season 4- What happened to LYOR? Why did our favourite characters did not return in season 3?

DESIGNATED SURVIVOR - "Target" - White House Council Kendra Daynes finds herself in a dangerous situation that puts another White House staffer's life at risk, while Hannah Wells takes an unexpected trip for answers, on ABC's "Designated Survivor," WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Sven Frenzel) KIEFER SUTHERLAND

Designated Survivor Season-4

Designated survivor season 4 – Hope all you are reading and enjoying the updates of your favorite shows . So, here I am back again with the most American-drama series. Here, we will be updating you about Designated survivor season 4!


One thing that fans have noticed more than anything is the lack of some characters to the series. Without mentioning of a single character, where the hell they’ve gone?? All fans of Designated survivor have this question right?


Designated survivor one of the most political thriller drama, gone through a lot of controversies. First two seasons got streamed on ABC after streaming on Netflix for season 3.

What happened to LYOR? Why did our favourite characters did not return in season 3?

When Lyor came to White House to coordinate a political battle strategy for President Kirkman. He’s the only one to survive the pilot’s massive attack and makes the unlikely rise to presidency.

Designated survivor season 4

Throughout the first and second season, we grew quite fond of him. When we all tuned into Season 3, the show was incomplete without Lyor. Fans were a bit bummed and surprised, the best ones were missing. According to fans, Lyor is the best thing that has happened to Designated Survivor.

The simple answer is that, without a trace his character disappeared. However, he was the only one who survives the pilot massive attack??

Our favorite survivors had confirmed through there social media handle. Due to some creative changes, they won’t be back in third season. The same we can expect for Lyor. Unfortunately, Lyor can’t be seen anymore in the series of Designated survivor.

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