Destiny 2- why are players feeling their characters getting weaker?

The players of Destiny 2 expressed their frustrations very vocally whenever their characters and guns get nerfed. The Primary weapon damage has been a point of focus from a long time. Recently, the players have shared their concern regarding the downgrading of the vitality of their character.


The game has been moved to make a bit more difficult especially when Bungie let the users adjust player and enemy powers.  Sweeping adjustments for the weapons were faced. The game was therefore not challenging in a good way but more tedious.


Destiny 2

Some fans say that the enemies are able to make more damage whereas the others say that there is a possibility that the developers might have adjusted the vitality of the player to incentivise playing smarter.

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Destiny 2 PVE Damage and Resilience Testing Results (June 28 2020) from DestinyTheGame

However, no official statement was made regarding the above matter. The Reddit user took it upon themselves to take the test and they say that the ability of the player to mitigate the damage has been adjusted recently.

The simple theory is that the enemies have grown more aggressive, accurate and alert. This might be the reason why veteran teams are finding themselves dying in some inopportune times. This might have happened because the enemies have unexpectedly started to be accurate in order to hit their mark.

The players have shown their frustration especially in the two dungeons of the game. The dungeons are Shattered Throne and Prophecy along with Gambit at times. The thing that is in common in the activities is that they heavily feature the Taken enemies. Some say that Taken Knight especially seem to be a lot more capable especially with their ranged attacks, landing implausible shots.

Destiny 2 is playable now on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One. The versions fro Xbox Series X and PS5 are currently under development.


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