Did Shakira and Pique Break Up? Here Is What We Know

With celebrities, we have seen many people come together but their relationships have not worked. Here, we will talk about Shakira and Pique. There are sometimes where we have found that stars have stuck together even when the going gets tough and have presented us with a great idea of love.


It was in the year 2011, when Gerard Pique and Shakira got together. They looked great as a couple. Shakira was invited at the South Africa FIFA World Cup to perform one of the title songs, Waka Waka. Pique had thought he would have to meet Shakira. But, somehow it worked out and they decided to be together. Now, it has 10 years since this incident. Therefore, people have started asking their whereabouts. They have been asking whether Shakira and Pique are still together. Well, read up this article to find out more about it.


Shakira and Gerard Pique: More about them

Just a little bit of information about the couple before we move to their current status. We all know that Shakira is one of the most popular singers of all time. Gerard Pique on the other hand is a Spanish footballer.

Their relationship started when Pique texted her “How’s the weather?”. These events led to the start of their journey. They ended up announcing to the public in 2011. Since then they have had two children.

Shakira and Gerard Pique: Still together

The couple has been together for a long period of time. Shakira was recently brought into attention when she changed her profile picture to that of a blurred lesbian flag. This sparked a lot of controversy and people started to say that she was coming out as a lesbian.

But, she later changed the profile picture after 24 hours. We have to clarify that this is not true and they are still together.

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