Dirty Money Season 3- Who all are casted? When will it release?

Dirty Money Season 3, The show enlightens the audience about the frauds and the effects it has on the middle class. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Jared Kushner. etc. have been a part of the show.
The documentary was even nominated for the Critics’ Choice Documentary Award. The first season and the second season, both had 6 episodes each. Each episode has a running time of 50-77 minutes. Adam Del Deo, Yon Motskin, Lisa Nishimura, Stacey Offman, Jason, Spingarn-Koff, and Alex Gibney are the executive producers of this intriguing show.
This documentary has been much liked because of the storyline. The viewers love to see more about these famous personalities.


Release date of Dirty Money season 3
The show made its first release in 2018.
Because the 2nd season released recently in March 2020, it’s quite early to expect something about the 3rd season.
The show has already earned good reviews from the viewers. It’s quite obvious that with such success the show will return with another season.
Although, we have to understand the crisis we are dealing with at the moment. The pandemic might rise as another reason for the delay of any announcement related to the 3rd season.


Dirty Money

The cast of Dirty Money season 3
The previous season witnessed:
Adam Del Deo
Yon Motskin
Lisa Nishimura
Stacey Offman
Jason Spingarn-Koff
Alex Gibney
As we don’t have any word from the makers at the moment. We’ll stick to our assumptions that the previous case might return in the upcoming season.

The plot of Dirty Money season 3
Since the beginning, the show has been about prominent and wealthy people. It highlights the famous corruption scandals by these prominent people.
The upcoming season will also be about the venal personalities and their guilty wrongdoings.

We are curious to see who has the hidden skeletons in their closet. We’ll keep you updated with all the other details about the show.

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