Disenchantment Season 3 When Will It Release? What Is The Cast? And Many More Information

Season 3: Disenchantment is an American series that is created by Matt Groening for Netflix. And it is the only production of Groening that appeared on Netflix. Before this, he had created Futurama and The Simpsons and both of them are a great success. The story follows Bean, an alcoholic and rebellious princess.


Season 1 part 1 having 10 episodes released on 17th August 2018. And the second part of Season 1 released on 20th September 2019. Both the parts have 10 episodes each making total of 20 episodes in Season 1.


Renewal Status

Netflix renewed the show in October 2018 for Season 2. And similarly, it released in 2 parts. Part 1 of Season 2 released on 15th January 2021. However, still, the second part of Season 2 is left and we still don’t know when it will release. Earlier it took almost a year to release the second part of Season 1. And the same will be expected this time. As for Season 3 of Disenchantment, we don’t know its renewal status yet. It will be announced after the completion of Season 2 part 2.

Disenchantment Season 3vv

Release Date

After the release of Season 2 part 2, the makers of the series will renew the series. And once the series gets a renewal then makers will release Disenchantment Season 3 in two parts like the other two seasons. But it is not likely to release in this year and probably not even in 2022.

Disenchantment Season 3 – Cast Members

  • Abbi Jacobson as Bean- Alcoholic and rebellious princess from dreamland
  • Eric Andre as Luci and Pendergast- Luci is Bean’s personal demon and Pendergast is the head of King Zog’s Knights
  • John DiMaggio as King Zog- Father of Bean.
  • Nat Faxon as Elfo- Elf from Elfwood
  • Tress MacNeille as Queen Oona, Bonnie Prince Derek, Sagatha, and Arch Druidess- Queen Oona is King Zog’s former wife, Sagatha is the one who helps Bean with advice, Bonnie Prince Derek is Oona and Zog’s son and Arch Druidness is the religious leader of Dreamland.
  • David Herman as The Herald, Jerry, Supervisor, and Guysbert- Herald announces news arrivals, Jerry assists Cloyd, the supervisor is a supervisor of Elfwood and Guysbert is Merkimer’s older brother.
  • Matt Berry as Prince Merkimer
  • Billy West as Sorcerio, Mertz, Pops, Jester, and King Rulo
  • Maurice LaMarche as Odval, Leav,o and Big Jo
  •  Sharon Horgan as Queen Dagmar
  • Noel Fielding as Stan the Executioner


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