Disney CEO has explained why Mulan is coming to Disney Plus straight

Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO made an announcement on August 4, 2020, that Disney’s Mulan will be released on Disney+ straight. He firmly mentions that this is not a new business model for the company.


Disney is switching its release platform

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a lot of production companies have had to switch their business models. They have had to figure out new ways to bring their movies and TV series to the public. This had led to a lot of them having to change their business models. But, this has turned out to be good news for streaming platforms. Platforms like Netflix, Prime, Hotstar have seen an increase in their revenue as major films are releasing directly there.


The audience no longer has to go to movie theatres to watch a film or, wait for it to come on streaming websites. The films that were ready to be launched on-screen will now release via streaming services.

One such movie is Disney’s new movie Mulan

Disney CEO speaks out

Bob Chapek said how this is merely a “one-off” thing, he said. Of course, they will be paying attention to how the audience responds to it. The number matter. They will make a note of how many people actually subscribe to Disney+


The cost of producing Mulan

It was estimated that this animated film had cost Disney approximately $200 million for animation and production and had a budget of around $100 million for its marketing. And yes, even though that is a hefty price tag, it is normal for Disney.

As of last year, Disney’s films accounted for more than $3.72 billion in ticket sales in North America alone. Globally, Disney banked about $13 billion, including a record number of $1 billion releases.

As for Disney+, the cost is a $ 30-lifetime subscription that is still less than the cost of going through the movie theatre to buy popcorn.

How this change will turn out to be for Disney is a question yet to be answered. But, we do know that all the kids are excited about this new and upcoming release. Mulan will be released on Disney+ this September!


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