Disney plus UK Star Launch: Complete List of New TV show and films 

disney + uk star

On the 23rd of February Star launched the Disney Plus streaming service in territories outside of the US. The Disney Plus UK Star full line-up, there’s a lot of it – has fundamentally changed Disney+ as a service.


Not only does it mean that there is a whole lot more to choose from, but the type of things to stream will change, too. There are also some Disney + UK Star Launch: Complete List of New TV show and films listed below.


Disney plus UK Star Big Sky

This is the story of a series of missing girls and a private detective/cop trio with a messy personal history who team up to find them. It aired on ABC in the US last winter on Disney + UK Star Launch.

Disney plus UK Star Love, Victor


It is narrated by Nick Robinson, who played Simon in the original film, and follows the story of a Puerto-Rican/Colombian-American teen living in Atalanta. This teen taal drama is on Disney + UK Star Launch.


Sidney Lemmon and Tom Austen play the Helstrom siblings Daimon and Satana, the children of a butcher who hunt down the worst of humanity. This comic book show is on Disney plus UK Star Launch.

Solar Opposites

Season one was passion received, and a second run is due to air in the US in March.

Disney plus UK Star Launch added over 75 TV shows and 280 feature films including the entirety of  Prison Break, Sons of Anarchy, The X-Files, Glee,  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Scrubs as well as cult favorites Firefly, Flashforward, Terriers and there are more.
TV Series on Disney plus UK Star Launch

Here are some more:

According To Jim, Seasons 1 – 8

Alias, Seasons 1-5

American Dad, Seasons 1-16

Animal Fight Night, Seasons 1-6

Apocalypse World War I, Season 1

Apocalypse: The Second World War, Season 1

Atlanta, Seasons 1-2

Blackish, Seasons 1-5

Bloody Tales Of Europe, Season 1

Bloody Tales Of The Tower, Season 1

Bones, Seasons 1-12

Brothers & Sisters, Seasons 1-5

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Seasons 1-7

Buried Secrets Of WWII, Season 1

Burn Notice, Seasons 1-7

Castle, Seasons 1-8

Code Black, Seasons 1-3

Cougar Town, Seasons 1-6

Desperate Housewives, Seasons 1-8

Devious Maids, Seasons 1-4

Drugs, Inc. Seasons 2-7

Family Guy, Seasons 1-18

Feud: Bette And Joan, Season 1

Firefly, Season 1

Flashforward, Season 1

The Fosters, Seasons 1- 5

The Gifted, Seasons 1-2

Glee, Seasons 1-6

Grey’s Anatomy, Seasons 1-15

The Hot Zone, Season 1

How I Met Your Mother, Seasons 1-9

Inside North Korea’s Dynasty, Season 1

The Killing, Seasons 1-4

LA 92

Lance, Season 1

Lie To Me, Seasons 1-3

Lost, Seasons 1-6

Mafia Confidential

Maradona Confidential

Mars, Seasons 1-2

Modern Family, Seasons 1-8

O.J.: Made In America

Perception, Seasons 1-3

Prison Break, Seasons 1-5

Raising Hope, Seasons 1-4

Resurrection, Seasons 1-2

Revenge, Seasons 1-4

Rosewood, Seasons 1-2

Scandal, Seasons 1-7

Scream Queens, Seasons 1-2

Scrubs, Seasons 1-9

Sleepy Hollow, Seasons 1-4

Snowfall, Seasons 1-3

Sons Of Anarchy, Seasons 1-7

The Strain, Seasons 1-4

Terra Nova, Season 1

Terriers, Season 1

Trust, Season 1

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