Disney’s Mulan – When will it release ? What is the expected plot? All latest updates.


Covid -19 has undoubtedly put a pause on many projects and their thereatical release. Disney’s Mulan was also one of the movies whose release was hanging in the air. But now finally we have a release date.


The director of the film, Niki Caro confirmed this via instagram that Mulan will be released on 24 July , 2020. Mulan will be premiered Worldwide on big screens.


About the movie:

Milan is an American action drama movie. It is based on the Chinese Folklore “The Ballad of Mulan”. Disney already has an animated movie of the same name which was released in 1998.
The plans of making a live-action Mulan movie started in 2010. But due to certain reasons it always got delayed until Caro took over the project. There’s one more fun fact about this movie. This is one of the most expensive film ever made by a female director. The budget of the film is as high as $200 million.


Plot of the movie: Mulan

Since it is a live-action adaptation of the animated movie of the same name, the storyline is going to be similar to that.

And the central plot of the movie is based on a chinese folklore “The Ballad of Mulan”. It is the story disguises as a man and enters the battle field to defend her country from invaders.

It is the story Hua Mullan , the daughter of an honoured warrior who disguises as a man and enters the battle field to defend her country from invaders.

The reason she takes this unusual decision is because the emperor of China calls upons the warriors to fight the battle against the Huns. But her father is now an old man and would not survive the battle. And she is her only child. So in order to save her father as well as her country she goes to the battle as a man. Hua Mullan turns out to be great warrior and passes every hurdle she faces with utmost bravery.

It would amazing to watch such a good movie in these hard times given the situations improve by then.


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