Doctor Who: All the Seasons ranked from Best to Worst

Doctor Who: The show has come up with 12 seasons so far. Let us now take a look at how each season ranks according to its IMDb average.


Doctor Who: a British TV series 

In 1963, NBC premiered the show, a science-fiction television series about a time-traveler who is also a doctor. The doctor is, in fact, an extraterrestrial being that appears in his human form. The sci-fi series is about his adventures and exploration of the universe. For all his travels, he uses a machine that is named TARDIS. Doctor Who helps all those who are in need as he comes across a variety of enemies.


The show has not only been popular in Britain but also, it has managed to garner the interest of everyone around the world. There are die-hard fans of Doctor who. Thirteen actors have appeared in the series as Doctor so far. The portrayal of Doctor by each actor is different and unique. But all depict stages in the life of the same character, and collectively, they form a single existence with a singular tale. All fans have their favorite Doctor and biases.

The show has won many awards including the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series and many National Awards. The program is listed in World Record by Guinness as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world. The series has also bagged five BAFTA Awards. It is termed as the best television series in the UK and the best science-fiction television series all around the world.

Doctor Who

The Rankings (according to IMDb)

Fans have mixed opinions on which series is the best. But we will look at the general consensus.  The score is given from one to ten with ten being the highest.

The rankings are a descending order, the first being the one with the highest ratings.

  1. Season 4 (8.8)
  2. Season 3 (8.7)
  3. Season 7 (8.3)
  4. Season 2 (8.2)
  5. Season 5 (8.1)
  6. Season 9 (8.1)
  7. Season 1 (8.0)
  8. Season 6 (8.0)
  9. Season 10 (7.7)
  10. Season 8 (7.7)
  11. Season 11 (6.6)
  12. Season 12 (6.2)

Did you notice a pattern here? Doctor Who ratings have not been consistent. We see that the early season of DoctorWho does not have a very high rating. The series reached its peak in the middle from season 3-7.

The latter seasons have noticed a downfall in ratings.

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