Dr. Alex From Love Island: Trip To Cornwall With Ellie Hecht

Dr. Alex has hit the internet by storm with his new relationship news. But, before getting down to the news, we really wish to talk about our love for Love Island. We all love watching it and people actually trying to find love on a show.


All the aspects of that show have been impressing fans. Now, let us get down to the relationship status of Dr. Alex. But, why are we talking about it? This is because he has recently revealed that he is in a relationship. We don’t know whether you remember him on the show. He came way back in the year 2018, which was season 4 of the show. Recently, he has shared a picture with his girlfriend on Instagram. He has about 1.8 million followers on Instagram.


Dr. Alex: New Love

All of this arose from the picture that the celebrity posted recently on Instagram. It can be seen that he is kissing his beloved with compassion. The caption of the photo was even more cute. He said that she is the apple of his eye. This brought a fervour of happiness among the fans. Some of them made comments on the photo and called it couple goals.

Dr. Alex: Relationship with Ellie Hecht

Ellie Hecht is the clerk of a barrister. A source close to the couple had revealed that the both of them had started dating. The source further went on to say that they had been dating since the past 6 months. It was further said that things had started to get serious between them and they had decided to spend some private time at Cornwall.

This is one of those places which allows you complete privacy in the midst of nature and your loved one. They have also been sharing pictures from the place they have been staying at.

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