Dr. Stone Chapter 191 : Release Date and More Updates

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone has been taking a few exceptionally sensational turns over the final few manga chapters and it doesn’t appear curious about letting up one bit with the passing of one of the Five Wise Generals. The upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone is planning to be a continuation of Chapter 190 and will show us the scenes after Senku has overseen to transfer of a message to their NA base. Within the last chapter, we saw Stanley was effective in blowing up the castle which Senku had made his base.


Dr. Stone


Dr. Stone Chapter 191: PREVIEW


Stanley and his pack have arrived at Senku’s base they started to assault. They sniped out Ryusui and Taiju before Gen. The trio was attempting to hold Stanley and the group for Senku and others to wrap up with the gadgets.

Gen took out the Science Kingdom flag and waved it on discuss. Be beyond any doubt that Dr. Stone will be taking a weekly break the following week, don’t disregard to check the plan for more information. Senku shed tears looking at the devastation that Stanely has caused.

He is stressed that all the diamonds have been burned up. Senku is with Sasaki, and he laments that he couldn’t do a thing approximately it. He considers that he has let his group down. The two realize that it could be a shining star past their reach.

Sasaki and Senku think that they are wrapped up, and they failed to require a single step towards long-term. On the other hand, Chrome astounded them and showed up carrying a few of the materials. To clarify, Chrome said he was not beyond any doubt that their powers were sufficient, and he appears them Senku’s Phone.

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Chapter 191 of Dr. Stone is all set to release on 4th April 2021. However, you can read it for free on Shueisha’s Manga and VIZ Media.

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