Dr. stone season 2- Will original characters reprise their roles? Can we expect to see some new faces ?

Dr. stone Season 2

Dr. stone season 2– Another anime series is coming up, that is highly based on the manga series of the same name- “Dr. stone”. Original manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and produced by TMS Entertainment. This Japanese manga series, directed by Shinya Lino, with script-writer as Yuichiro Kido.


So, here’s every detail of the series- Cast, plot, release date, you must know!!


Dr. stone Season 2: Plot

The story following a mysterious beam of light, a prodigy called Senku Ishigami is revived back to life. Where the human population was eroded, he comes in touch with that place. Soon, he comes to know that his life was restored. It was made due to nitric oxide along with the revival of his other classmates as well.

The three main characters, Taiju Oki, Yuzuriha Ogawa and one martial artist named Tsukasa Shishio. Though, Senku is inclined towards creating a new scientific culture, where their ballistic conflicts of interest give rise.

At the same time, Tsukasa dreams to the world based on energy gives a new sequence. Tsukasa left Senku on the verge of dying, to produce his faction of the rock world. Only one end to the show which is warfare!!

Dr. stone Season 2: Release date

The newest trailer of second season of Dr. Stone has come up at the Shonen Jump event.

Dr. stone first season, was telecasted from 5 July to 13 December 2019, on Tokyo MX. Season one was consists of a total of 24 episodes. Now in Japan, Season 2 is expected to release in the months of July. However, it may take a few months to release in other parts of the world.

Dr Stone Season 2

We will keep you informed in case anything new comes up. Till now we don’t have any updates yet. Right after the successful run of the first season, the series was renewed to the second season.

Dr Stone Season 2 – Will original characters reprise their roles? Can we expect to see some new faces ?

As this Japanese series characters are voiced by some other members. Here’s the list goes on:

  • Senku Ishigami voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi
  • Taiju Oki voiced by Makoto Furukawa
  • Yuzuriha Ogawa sounded by Kana Ichinose
  • Tsukasa Shishio voiced by Yuichi Nakamura
  • Gen Asagiri expressed by Kengo Kawanishi
  • Chrome voiced by Gen Sato
  • Kohaku showed by Manami NuNumakura
  • Suika voiced by Karin Takahashi

There is no confirmation yet of any new faces in the series. If any new character added, we will update you with latest news. Till then, stay connected and stay updated!!

Keep reading and loving!! 


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