Dracula season 2: Renewal updates and all information

Season one was released in January and since then the enthusiasts have been waiting for next season. It is inspired by Stoker’s novel and initially premiered on BBC one and Netflix. Dracula season 2 is a tricky one . It is not yet clear that the success of the first season would prompt to make season 2.


If you are also a vampire fan let’s see what we’ve got for you


Who will be in the cast?

In Dracula season 2 we can expect  to see the key casts, Claes Bang as Count Dracula, Joanna Scanlan as Mother Superior, Morfudd Clark as Mina Murray, Lujza Richter as Elena, Clive Russell as Valentin, Sacha Dhawan as Dr. Sharma, Patrick Walshe McBride as Lord Ruthven and others

Dolly wells might also appear as another of the Helsing bloodline.

Dracula season 2

Dracula season 2: expected plot

It is predicted to take off from where season one ended. The series follows Dracula right from his origin in Eastern Europe to his battles and after.

The transformation of Count Dracula with new stories show the Vampire’s gory crimes.

If the show returns, Dracula would be stronger than ever, he will not be affected by the supposed “weaknesses” that he thought were true.

The new season could also revisit his initial stages as Dracula.

Dracula season 2: release date

Now that the official confirmation is not received, assume that new episodes won’t be freaking us out until 2021 at the earliest. It doesn’t have an official trailer and release date yet. Stay tuned and we will update you with the vampire’s return soon.


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