Dragon Age: The new video game adaptation for Netflix?

Dragon Age

It seems that the video game industry will be having another adaptation to the world of television. This because Netflix is eyeing Dragon Age for its platform. Now, we have written several times about it in the past. But, most of the streaming services out there have been going to after comic books for adaptations to the world of television.


But, it seems that Netflix is eyeing Dragon Age for making it into a live action drama series. We think this is because after the success of the Witcher, this seems to be a good option. Dragon Age is one of the most popular games of all time. The game launched way back in the year 2009. The latest game to come out was Dragon Age: Origins. It has also been revealed that the fourth game is now in development. Moreover, the games are published by Electronic Arts and BioWare.


Dragon Age Adaptation: What is going on?

Some of the sources have been talking to the various websites. They have ended up revealing that the game is in active development right now. People have been asking more information about the show itself. But, they have not revealed who is going to be the actors, directors and writers of the new show. There is something with the aspect of the game itself that is bound to help the creators of the show. This is because the game is a role playing game. Therefore, it offers them more latitude to explore and delve into the characters and even come up with their own.

Netflix has also been in developing projects relating to video games. They have made games such as Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy. In the past, we have also written about a pokemon series being in development with the platform.