Dragon’s Dogma Netflix Anime- when was the first trailer released? What are the key takeaways?

Dragon’s Dogma 

Dragon’s Dogma: Do you want some fresh story?? Here’s coming an anime adaptation series, based on Capcom’s 2012 RPG of the same name. To know more details about the new show, keep reading!!


Dragon Dogma based on a video game, it’s an Japanese series following Konami’s Castlevania, premiered in 2017. Netflix’s original series is being produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi and directed by Hideaki.


Along side the show’s promotional poster, official account Dragon’s Dogma has also released several stills from the series, on Twitter.

Dragon’s Dogma: Plot

The anime series tagged as “dark” by Netflix, featuring battles and plenty of blood, demon deaths. The story revolves around a man’s journey, who takes revenge on a dragon. The Dragon has stolen his heart and he brought back to life as an ‘Arisen’.

Demons represent the seven deadly sins of humans and challenged this man. This would create more action and adventure in the series. It all based on the gameplay from both the sides!


When was the first trailer released? When will it release? 

In January 2019, the filming of this show began on disused Army land in Deepcut, England. Although, it concluded in September 2019.

Till now, two trailers have been releasing for the show. In June 2020, the first teaser trailer dropped which sets up the historical fantasy world. And fans may get another one in just another two months. Perhaps, it’s not yet confirmed by the showmakers.

So, it’s a good news for fans of Dragon’s Dogma anime. Netflix will be releasing this adaptation on 17 September 2020. Also, the first poster for the anime has been revealed which gives some idea about it’s first look of the series.

Who all the Characters in Dragon’s Dogma? 

In this new animated series, there are four main characters play in the whole series. Here is the list goes:

  1. Quina- Resident of Cassardis village, Adaro’s childhood friend. She’s gentle in nature with strong-will power, and is always concerned his friends safety first.
  2. Adaro- Chief of Cassardis village, Quina’s father. Despite his age he’s so physically fit.
  3. Duke Edmun- A hero who brought peace to the island. He stays in Gran Soren Castle. He build up his forces, with the awakening of the dragon.
  4. Aelinore- Third wife of King Edmun, who’s nature is gentle by nature and finds her life within the castle.

Happy reading!! 

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