Dune: Oscar Issac says ‘Dune’ is about exploited people saying “Enough is Enough.” Know More!

Oscar Issac

Dune: Oscar Issac says ‘Dune’ is about exploited people saying “Enough is Enough.” Many attempts had been made in the past to bring Frank Herbert’s novel ‘Dune’ to a live adaptation. Some of them never made the screen but some like the 1980 film were not up to the mark. To bring justice to the book comes Denis Villeneuve’s version of the tale. Set in year 10191, Herbert’s science fiction deals with a time where humans have spread out and colonized on different planets throughout the universe. It narrates the tale about breath-taking desserts and stupendous lagoons. However, like much great fiction( for eg. Game of Thrones)it draws parallels to the real world also.


In an interview with the Empire Oscar Issac remarked “It’s about the destiny of a people, and the different way that cultures have dominated other ones,” Isaac said. “How do people respond when it’s at the tipping point when enough is enough when they’re exploited? All those things are things we’re seeing around the world right now.”


Issac plays the role of Duke Leto of the House of Atreides, the father of Paul( starring role played by Timothee Chalamet). He is also seen in many acclaimed films including the new episodes of the Star Wars Series.

Why this version seems promising?

The film includes a cast of many notable actors like Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides,  Rebecca Fergurson as Lady Jessica, Zendaya as Chani, Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, and of course Oscar Issac as Leto Atreides.

Besides the celebrity cast, the recent pictures posted of the film reflects the potency of the movie. Warner Brothers are trying its best to stir the excitement of the fans as much as it can.


Denis Villeneuve, the maker of the film has also mentioned that “I didn’t want Lady Jessica to be an expensive extra,” Villeneuve said. “Something I deeply love in the book is that there was a strong balance between masculine power and feminine power.”

He has also made some changes in the casting and other areas of the plot to make it more adaptive to the prevailing social customs.

Dune Release Date

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the film is scheduled to release on 18 December 2020. As for the trailer, fans will be excited to know that the trailer for the film is expected to be launched this month. We will finally be able to get a first look at the movie.

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