Edge of Tomorrow 2- Know its release date, cast and much more!

Edge of Tomorrow 2: Edge of Tomorrow is a film which saw a lot of success and the fans loved it. But there has been no update regarding the sequel of the movie and it appears that it has been stuck in its time loop ever since the first part came out. But in January 2020 a string of hope was given to the fans that the movie might return with part two. But since then the world has gone through a pandemic so fans do not know what to expect anymore.


Release date of Edge of Tomorrow 2:


There has not been any confirmation about the sequel so giving out the release date just about now seems very unlikely. But in 2018, Doug Liman confirmed that he was working on a rewrite of a script but at that time everyone was so busy to work on part two of the movie. Hence we do not have a release date yet and fans have to wait for a little more while to get any other update on the movie.


The plot of Edge of Tomorrow 2:

There has not been any update on the movie but as we know that the first part was based on the concept of time we are assuming the second part will also be based on that concept.

Liman also said in an interview that the sequel of the movie will be like a prequel of the movie. So hang tight Tom cruise fans you will get to know all the updates about the movie soon.

The cast of Edge of Tomorrow 2:

The confirmed cast members are not disclosed just yet but we are assuming that Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt will be taking on their roles again and in a similar fashion of part 1.

There also can be many more familiar faces and some new characters in the cast of the sequel

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