Edge of Tomorrow 2: Tom Cruise Sequel to Stream on Amazon Prime

Edge of Tomorrow 2 or Live. Die. Repeat. was a modest hit and earned a strong audience. There has been a lot of talk about the sequel for the last five years. The sci-fi action thriller, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as soldiers in a war against alien invaders, awaits for its sequel, Edge of Tomorrow 2.


The movie ends with Rita (Emily Blunt) and Cage (Tom Cruise) diving headfirst toward their own deaths as they attempt to destroy the “Omega,” which is the being that’s at the center of everything, particularly as it relates to resetting the day.



Based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s graphic novel All You Need Is Kill, it was doubtful if the movie will be able to catch the audience’s attention.

Edge of Tomorrow 2
Edge of Tomorrow 2

Emily Blunt said that she is “terrified of sequels” and would only reprise the role of Rita “Full Metal Bitch” Vrataski if the story was as thrilling as its predecessor. Tom Cruise on the other hand, suggested the plot for the sequel.


Although, we do not have a definitive answer as to when Live Die Repeat Repeat will be released we do know that it is making progress. In March 2019, nearly four years after Tom Cruise’s idea was first put it into motion, it was reported that Edge of Tomorrow 2 was developing at Warner Bros., under the title Live Die Repeat and Repeat, of course.


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