Edge of Tomorrow, Every detail about Edge of tomorrow and its sequel.

Edge of Tomorrow, Everything you need to know about and its sequel.

Part one

Tom Cruise starrer Edge of Tomorrow is a Sci-Fi action drama movie. It was released in 2014. It is directed by Doug Liman.


Plot : Edge of Tomorrow

The tagline of the story is “Live, Die, Repeat”. It clearly suggests that it is a movie about a man being trapped in a time loop. The story is a near future set-up with aliens attacking planet Earth. Edge of tomorrow is a story that revolves around Major Bill Cage. The story develops on how he with Rita Vrataski go on to protect their planet from unknown enemies. The plot becomes interesting when the main character gets to know that he is trapped in a time loop. Everytime he dies, the day restarts. He keeps coming back again and again after dying. He has to fight the aliens all over again.


Cast :  Edge of Tomorrow

Tom cruise plays the role of Major Cage. He pulls it off amazingly. With his acting skills he justifies why he is still the perfect choice for an action movie.
Emily Blunt is seen as Rita Vrataski. Bill Paxton plays the role of Master Sergeant Farell.

Edge of Tomorrow


The film got a very good response from its audience as well as from critics. It has a rating of 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb. Rotten tomatoes has a 90% of audience score.

Part two

Release date : Edge of Tomorrow

It took a lot of time to even hearing of something related to the sequel of the movie. But now we are hearing a lot from the writers. But now with the Covid-19 pandemic it might be delayed. Though, there is no official statement as such from the team. The sequel still hangs in the air.

Plot of part two

The second part might be continuation of the first part. There would definitely be new characters introduced in the second part.

Cast of Part two

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt will surely be a part of the sequel. But a heads up is still awaiting. They will surely continue to be the central characters of the movie. Bill Paxton is gone but we might expect him to return in the second part. We might see a third central character.


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